Representing State Agencies

Arkansas State CapitolThe attorneys in the State Agencies Division of the Civil Department provide legal representation to the more than 200 state department agencies, boards, commissions, colleges, and other state entities. State law mandates that the Attorney General shall represent state agencies. In this role, the Assistant Attorneys General of the division provide day-to-day counseling, advice, and representation for state agencies. The division assists in avoiding legal problems when possible and in resolving problems efficiently when they do arise.

For example, for boards and commissions with licensing authority over professionals such as pharmacists, appraisers, engineers, and social workers, the division’s attorneys prosecute citizen complaints that a professional violated the terms of their license. When board decisions on such cases are appealed, division attorneys represent the boards before the Arkansas Circuit Courts, the Court of Appeals and the Arkansas Supreme Court.

State Agencies Division lawyers also assist their client agencies with drafting rules and regulations, complying with the Freedom of Information Act, resolving disputes with employees, and interpreting the laws passed by the Arkansas General Assembly.